Ribbons and lace storage

Ribbons and lace storage

Ribbons and lace storage

The problem of storage of ribbons and lace, sooner or later makes itself.U me tapes are stored in boxes and bags,tried all methods of storing tapes and tapes, but would like them to be on the coils and is always at hand, not to dig and look and come and pick



For the manufacture of coils, we need:
1) a pair of scissors; 2) cardboard; 3) compasses; 4) glue “Second” is the moment; 5) soldering; 6) different caps ..?) Knife
umenja here caps on medicinal sprays, tubes of cream from chap stick, bobbins of thread, corks from bottles.


These are my “compasses” .Mne so convenient and faster. I’ll be doing different coil diameters


Here I clubs 7.5cm. I got them 28 pieces, I laid out in three stacks, said at a center circle, and then pierced each stack in turn awl. It is necessary to exactly affix the plug or cap, and then to burn a hole soldering exactly in the center.
Stoppers and caps should definitely proshkurit for better adhesion to the cardboard. Glue the plug turns first to one cup, then to another., Tried to glue exactly in the middle.


Burn hole, of course, in the final stage, when all the coils are ready. I simply show the process.
Burn plug easily.


Yellow coil ready holes are burnt .


These blanks are made of caps of pens and child ….. cut into three parts by 1-1,2cm have cut a narrow mosaic edge width also received 1-1.2 cm. Diameter round 4cm. These coils to narrow strips. But the diameter of a circle can do more, I just need these coils

8 (1)

Here I cut the bobbin thread from the two parts (for tape width 3 cm) and showed how to cut …..certainly felt-tip pen mark a line along which to cut, or halves are obtained curves (have bad experiences).


If there are rollers as in the second photo, you can make a reel for the narrow- to 1 cm.


These coils of caps from lipstick on medical sprays and tubes of cream (used, of course, I just do not throw away caps and stored in a box-useful)
width coil different diameter so what I need


These coils of spools of thread and out of cones .U I snapped a sharp tip and grind.


These are obtained by the coil.


Keep the coil can be made here korobkah.Ya hastily box for coils with a diameter of 6 cm. Out of the box from cereal, not disappear as good.


So I’m doing a locker.


The slots for the spokes, and can simply be inserted into the hole


And we could have done such a wall locker. Of course, it is also necessary to refine, but that’s another story. To tape not gathered dust and do not burn out, have a locker door is hinged (top to bottom) .Shkafchik can do a little wider and longer, I just have at the moment there is no suitable cardboard.

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