Groundnut shell flower

Groundnut shell

How to make flowers from the groundnut (peanut) shell.

Groundnuts (peanuts) are rich in nutrients and having it as a part of diet keeps us healthy. We always throw the groundnut shells to the trash bin after having it. Do you know onething. Beautiful decorative flowers can be made from these groundnut shells. Her I am going to show you how we can make beatiful flowers out of groundnut shells. 

Materials required are, groundnut shells, barbeque shells, glitters and tissue paper holder. Let’s start making it. 

Take a barbeque stick and insert it into an edge of the groundnut shell. Fix the barbeque stick to the groundnut shell with glue. Let it dry. Fix the groundnut shellsone after another in a rotating manner to get a flower shape. After fixing each petals press it for sometime so that it may fix properly. After completing the groundnut shell flower part, now let’s start with the making of leaves. 

Fix the groundnut shells on the sides of the stem with glue. For making leaves we can use either single seeded groundnut shells or pista shells. Paint the flowers, stem and leaves. Now spread the glue over the flowr petals and sprinkle the glitters mixed with rangoli powder. For making the flower vase, cover the tissue paper holder with a coloured paper and decorate it with colour stones. 

A thick board or plate can be used as the base of the flower vase. For arranging the groundnut shell flowers in the vase, put some clay or something else inside the tissue holder so that the flowers may get arranged properly. Finally insert the flowers inside the vase.

Your groundnut shell flowers are ready to decorate your house. Hope you all enjoy the same.

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