Latest front net blouse designs for saree and lehenga 2020

Latest front net blouse designs

If you are wearing a saree or lehengas, the first thing that needs to be taken care of is a well stitched and well-designed blouses. Anyways, these days women are going for plain sarees and lehengas with designer blouses. So blouses are very important to make your outfit looks glamorous and gorgeous. These days stylish net blouses designs are very much in trend when it comes to women trying new designs. So we have come up with some great designs for the blouses, let’s get done with the old fashioned way and look for something better and classy that can make your outfit look amazing.

These designs are hand-picked designer lice, and yes you can always do something more than this or do some customization to it. These designs belong to well-known designers like Mahima Mahajan, Manish Malhotra etc.

They are majorly focused on the Latest Front Net Blouse Designs! Let’s have a look at them.

Latest Front Net Blouse Designs
1. Off Shoulder Net sleeves!

Front Net Blouse Designs

Tina Datta looks gorgeous in this beautiful outfit. As we can see that she kept her saree play and went for a heavy blouse which has beautiful net sleeves and is off-shoulder. You can wear this blouse with a plain skirt and give it a cool look or you can pair it up with a plain normal chiffon saree. This front net blouse design is very in. It is a very heavy front embroidered blouse. You can accessorize it with a choker and then wear it for a wedding or you can wear this outfit for sangeet as well!

2. Frilled in Layered Pattern

Front Net Blouse Designs

Kareena Kapoor Khan is wearing this black and silver outfit by Manish Malhotra. The sleeves are gigantic and are frilled in layers. This blouse is enough to complete any kind of outfit. Pair it up with a plain saree or a plain skirt. Well, you can pair it up with Black parallel pants as well. Depending on how you pair it up, you canker it in weddings or in cocktails or a bridal shower.

3. Flowing sleeve design

Front Net Blouse Designs

This design belongs to Mahima Mahajan who is well-known fashion designer. This blouse has a sleeve that is flowing elegantly with lots of grace. You can pair this front net blouse with a saree or you can pair it up with a silk high waist trouser. It will give a very modern look to your attire. This outfit is perfect for a cocktail or a Mehendi function. With this kind of blouse, you don’t need to wear anything your neck but yes you can always wear earrings and rinse to complete this look.

4. Romantic frilled sleeves!

Front Net Blouse Designs

This is a Ridhi Mehra design. This blouse has beautiful frilled sleeves which are very impactful. You can wear this blouse with a lehenga or a skirt. Ditch the dupatta, instead wear a sleeveless jacket in it. You are. ready for any kind of occasion. You can wear them with plain skirts of heavy skirts as well, depending on where you are going and accessorize it based on that.

5. One-sided off-shoulder Blouse

Front Net Blouse Designs

Shloka Khialani’s designs are mesmerizing. With this one-sided off-shoulder blouse with beautifully embellished sleeve is perfect for a cocktail party or a formal gathering. Pair it up with a skirt and you are good to go. This blouse is made with so much detailing that no accessories are required to complete this look as the blouse itself is enough and got it all covered.

6. Kiara Advani in half net blouse design!

Front Net Blouse Designs

Kiara Advani looks perfect in this dress. The neck of the blouse is of hexagon shape and looks so hot on her. Well, the blouse is heavily embroidered so the sleeves are of plain organza material. Giving it a perfect look. This outfit can be worn as it is and is good for a sangeet ceremony.

7. Embellished blouse

Front Net Blouse Designs

This design is by Chamee and Palak. This aquatic blue highly embellished blouse with net covering the neck side is perfect if you want to ditch the neckpiece. This blouse can be paired up with a cream organza saree, or a plain chiffon saree and you can be ready in 10 minutes. This is a perfect bridesmaid look for the wedding.

8. High Neck Blouse design!

Front Net Blouse Designs

This high neck front net blouse with such detailing looks very elegant and beautiful. This blouse can be worn with plain silk saree or with lehengas. Pair it up with nice heavy bangles and you are good to go for a wedding or for a reception. This color along with the zardozi work don’t on the blouse is extravagant as it is handwork and has been done with lots of grace and clarity!

9. Embellished blouse with beautiful sleeves!

Front Net Blouse Designs

This embellished blouse throughout signifies so much of hard work. This blouse is so beautiful and floral with such delicate flowing sleeves which makes it even more gorgeous. Pair it up with a skirt, keeping in mind the floral prints and ditch the dupatta as no one wants to hide such a beautiful blouse with a dupatta.

10. Flowing Pink sleeves net blouse design

Front Net Blouse Designs

This blouse has been completely made with embroidery and the sleeves are flowing giving an illusion of dupatta so they are together making a perfect outfit dream come true. These blouses can be paired only with Hugh waisted skirts. Don’t try an pair it with saree as it will look messy and your blouse with such great work will go in vain.

11. Hot Priyanka in Ruffled Neck Blouse for Parties

Front Net Blouse Designs

A loose ruffled neck blouse can make you look like a queen of some era. Highly sophisticated, and very in, this design has been in trends and is used by many girls these days. It can make you look royal. Pair it up with some printed saree or embellished saree and you are dressed for the occasion.

12. Deepika in Long-sleeved blouse for bridesmaid

Front Net Blouse Designs

These are very basic kinds of blouses and are back again. These sleeves are big and look elegant and traditional. So in my advice, pair it with an Indian saree and you will look like a pure ethnic woman. Sometimes all you need is some tradition to complete your overall look.

13. Net sleeved blouse for Wedding

Front Net Blouse Designs

Broad V- Neck blouse with net sleeves covering three-fourth arm is a very sophisticated design and suitable for someone who does not like to play or experiment with blouses m much. Usually worn for an evening. It can be paired up with saree easily.

14. High neck buttoned embroidery blouse

Front Net Blouse Designs

Very common designs but easy to carry. With net covering the fabric and buttoning it up on neck giving it a high neck look is a very nice design. This blouse can be paired up with a heavy skirt or a plain saree. This will look perfect for Haldi or Mehendi ceremony.

15. Net blouse design for Silk Saree

Front Net Blouse Designs

This blouse has net sleeves and is covering the neck portion with the net as well. Keeping the whole blouse plain and some work on the sleeves is very great. Wear it with a saree with bordered work on it. You cancer it for a cousin’s wedding or a simple function at home.

There are various latest front net blouse designs. It depends on the occasion and also the kind of personality you are. As if you like drama then you can go for frilled layers and if you like it simple then always opt for high neck blouses or 3/4 the sleeves blouses. I hope these designs are of some use to you.

courtesy: k4craft